The Squirrel Plays #EdFringe2018 Round-Up!


I got home from Edinburgh Festival Fringe a week ago TODAY. Bizarre. I'm still having weird fringe-dreams about going to concerts at the Pianodrome only to realize that the Pianodrome has been relocated from Edinburgh Royal Botanic Gardens to a boat that's ALSO made of pianos. We're sailing to Alaska and Lady Rizo has been made captain. Fine. 

Since we all crashed back in London, we've had EVEN MORE good press for the show. It's exciting to see the momentum continue, especially as election season looms and these issues continue to press on the brain...we met lots of Americans abroad this year who are thinking, and worried. We have work to do before November!

"The cast are all superb...It’s a smart take on an emotive subject which is as timely now as ever, particularly given recent events in the US and Ireland (and even more recently in Argentina). It’s a show that deserves to be seen by a large audience and will likely provoke wider conversations..." ★★★★ Cath Renton, The Wee Review

"The Squirrel Plays is a sensitive and timely analysis of the issues surrounding female reproductive health and bodily autonomy." ★★★★ Grace Lavender, The Skinny

"All performers achieved an excellent balance between the play’s moments of comedy and more serious undertones....The Squirrel Plays is a vital production for those in search of feminist theatre at the festival. Part of the Main have created a sharp and polished performance that captures a wide spectrum of opinions on abortion without lecturing the audience. It’s complex yet comprehensible." ★★★★ Carla Van Der Sluijs, Broadway Baby

"What is normally an unavoidably hard hitting, sober subject is elevated in The Squirrel Plays by a refusal to allow the theme to suppress other shades of emotion – tenderness, humour, even boredom, all find their place in the play. The characters themselves are slight stereotypes; [Alice], the soft mother, [Linda], the local resident’s association tyrant. It’s a testament to the skill of the cast that they don’t allow themselves to be consumed by these types, but rather make space for their characters to experience inner conflict...This is a striking, loveable production, skilfully directed. It jumps with ease the hurdle at which many Fringe productions fall: to handle a major contemporary issue with exploratory thoughtfulness." ★★★★ Maya Little, Cherwell

We're so pleased with the response we got at the festival, both from the press and from audience members who stayed to discuss the show with us. Keep an eye on Part of the Main! This was only their first big production at the Fringe and they absolutely smashed it.

Now that I'm back in London I've got a couple more projects coming up, more on those soon!