Tiny Shorts at The Union Theatre!

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So the previews of The Squirrel Plays at Theatre503 are still very much a thing that you should see (and if you can't come see us, might I recommend other ways to contribute to our success?)

But right BEFORE that, you should come see Tiny Shorts at The Union Theatre!

Eagle and Beaver Ensemble is a new theatre company bringing North American plays to London (and giving North American actors like me a chance to play with some new writing!)

We're on July 1st (Canada Day!) at 7:30pm, and we just might be adding a second performance date (TBC!) Early-bird benefits very much available on ticket sales, or you can chance it and try to get tickets at the door for £15.

Soon to Be Running on Empty

I'm trying a new thing where I make short films of new scripts I'm working on to test the material. This is from a sci-fi/dystopia project imagining the future of emotional labour called 'Soon to Be Running on Empty'.  

"And we will get the f*** off this planet!" IN TEN DAYS!

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My new short play MISSION CREEP is being performed for the first time at the White Bear Theatre in Cuckoo Bang's night of new writing, BITS! 


Asexual and bisexual solidarity IN SPACE.

Tess and Liam are determined to get off the planet at any cost. On paper, they're the perfect applicants for Britain's relocation project: they're fertile, they're healthy, and they might even pass for a real couple. Mary just has a few more questions to ask, but it can't be anything the pair hasn't already prepared for...

It's gonna be a whole evening of new writing by some badass folks with CONCEPTS and OPINIONS.

Space is limited, so go buy a ticket