Soon to Be Running on Empty

Soon to Be Running on Empty is an on-going writing project about the future of emotional labour. But this excerpt is just about student loans.


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A reincarnated librarian and some other nerds try to impress a visiting alien by picking out the best books the local library has to offer. Have we always been this bad at books? A play about preservation, paywalls, and porn.

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Asexual and bisexual solidarity IN SPACE!

Tess and Liam are determined to get off the planet at any cost. On paper, they're the perfect applicants for Britain's relocation project: they're fertile, they're healthy, and they might even pass for a real couple. Mary just has a few more questions to ask, but it can't be anything the pair hasn't already prepared for...


Hey you!

You're doing pretty good there!

You've got your new flat set up all nice, your life is on-track, and your self-care selfies are going to make you a complete internet success story. And look at that, you have made yourself a delicious mug of tea!

Don't worry too much about that weird noise in the bathroom. It was probably nothing.


Looks like you have some choices to make...