Working with Bee’s been a pleasure. Super talented, flexible, positive and such a great voice. Hope to be able to pick up other projects using her talents in the future.
— Chris Bailey, Managing Director of The Boy in the Corner international radio and podcast production company
Great to have you in today, thanks for nailing it!
— Jack Goodwin, Head of Production at Kode Media

Yes, that's my real accent! Yes, I can go Full Valley Girl. Yes, I have recorded corporate narrative and dialogue with tricky technical jargon. No, I have not done cartoons, but I would love to try it!

Live and unedited! A couple clips from a benefit concert last year with Theatretripp Productions, with Tim Shaw as MD and accompanist .

First song: Tom from Hello Again by Michael John Lachiusa. Second song: Camp Little Notch by Carmel Dean

Throwback to when we recorded this…2017? Tim was on and off tour, and I was between flights to Dublin for filming, when he messaged, “Can we record this TOMORROW?” I take pride in being a quick study, so we had a silly, speedy recording session the next day!


A sample of my VO work from last year!

With Ash Bhardwaj and Richard Brunner of Digital Dandy